Libby Lane Is In My Ears And In My Eyes

I expect the fact that I'm suffering from the dreaded lurgi didn't help but when I watched the first female bishop in the Church of England being consecrated at York Minster yesterday I felt absolutely nothing except slight distaste. I accept that it was necessary for there to be equality but, honestly, is what the episcopacy now is, something to crave equality in? Personally, I don't think so.

And the pomp and ceremony! What the heck has all that got to do with Jesus of Nazareth?

To be honest there was a time when it meant a lot to me and I have known people who have become Christians through experiencing such high ritual and because of the splendour of the places in which such theatre takes place. But it means nothing to me now. I still demand that liturgy is done well but now I also need simplicity.

We have a paradigm for good liturgy in the Last Supper - keep it friendly, keep it personal, keep it simple, keep it relevant. Perhaps Libby Lane should have held her promotion do at McDonald's or whilst eating a plate of spaghetti at her local Italian restaurant.


Libby Lane Is In My Ears And In My Eyes — 1 Comment

  1. Grump, grump, grump, grump, grump. If I had that “plate of spaghetti”, MP, I’d lash you w/ it.