UK Tribal Update

I have just watched Alex Salmond's final speech in the Scottish Assembly. He must have said the word "Scotland," or a derivative, at least once every other sentence. No doubt, if a politician was making a goodbye speech in the Welsh assembly they would mention Wales as many times. The same would be true in France and Germany and in most countries in the world. In the United States, if a politician does not say "the American people" in every sentence of a speech he or she would probably be lynched. The only country in the world, as far as I know, where this sort of patriotic namedropping would never occur is England. This is because the English do not have an assembly of politicians that are all English or which only discusses English matters.

I would be happy if there was only one Parliament for the whole United Kingdom but as this is no longer the case the only fair political system has to be of a federal nature. Any fudge that avoids this fact will lead to the further impoverishment of the English regions, especially those that border Scotland as they cannot out-bribe Scotland when trying to attract new business and the government in Westminster won't bribe companies on their behalf as they don't want to upset the Scots who make up a large part of its membership.


UK Tribal Update — 1 Comment

  1. Actually, “the American people” is a surefire way to spot one of our right wingers. Other catch phrases trip of the lips of our liberals. 🙂

    I do not know enough about UK politics to comment on how if at all the system should change.

    I am fairly sure that if there were a parliment of the world, it would look depressingly like the UN — utterly impotent. In the US, we already have that, we call it the House of Representatives.