The Case Of The Grumpy Pharmicist

So, I pop into the pharmacists to pick up my bi-monthly prescription. I hand over my medical exemption card to the woman behind the counter and she takes it away to do whatever it is they have to do with it. A few minutes later she comes back with my bag of pills. I take them from her and leave.

A couple of days later I get a phone call.

"Hi, it's Ann from Cestria Boots. YOU left your medical exemption card in our shop."

No. Actually it was YOU who forgot to give it back to me.

This is the second run in I've had with them in a month. They didn't fill my prescription in full last time but they were absolutely insistent that it could not be their fault and that I was selling them or something equally dodgy.

What is it about people who work for doctors and the like in England? Most of them, from my experience, are grumpy, unhelpful and arrogant and never at fault. Doctors are becoming more helpful but their staff and the staff of supporting agencies are becoming more and more unhelpful.


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