Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill And The Falling Of The Mighty

From "Christian Today":

Mars Hill has an "unhealthy culture" and members of the leadership team have contributed to it, one of the church's top pastors has admitted.

Former Executive Elder Dave Bruskas is currently functioning as interim Preaching Pastor following the resignation of Mark Driscoll earlier this month. In a blog on the Mars Hill website, he says the church must now 'move forward together knowing that we are a broken and repentant church in need of a forgiveness and restoration that only Jesus provides.'

... Driscoll resigned from ministry on October 14, confessing to 'pride, anger and a domineering spirit'.

"Pride, anger and a domineering spirit?" I've known more than a few Church of England priests and bishops who were fine proponents of that particular leadership technique. One thing about Driscoll is that his nastiness was mostly out in the open for all to see and not hidden behind false piety as it is with the bullies and backstabbers of my denomination.


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