Gay Weddings Gain More Support Among Anglican Priests

According to PINK NEWS, "Four in ten Church of England clergy now support same-sex marriage."

Wow! I wouldn't be surprised if that is more than the number of Church of England clergy who believe in God.

Or, looking at it even more cynically, it may be that sensible vicars of hard up churches, who are worried about their long term careers and the safety of their pension provision, are beginning to work out the financial advantages of the Church of England deciding to let same gender couples marry in church (especially if it's their church). Knowing the episcopacy as I do I am positive that this will certainly have crossed the minds of the bishops. I mean, from my experience, many of them are all too willing to throw moral considerations out the window when it comes to saving or making a few quid.

From next year it will cost an engaged couple at least £450 to get hitched in a Church of England church. That money is split between the local church and the diocese (the presiding priest gets nothing in England over and above her paltry stipend). There must be many urban churches with very small congregations (consisting mostly of hard up pensioners) but with parishes full of cash rich gay men and lesbians. Such churches would only need to play host to ten or so gay weddings a year to more than cover their parish share and make a start on repairing the leaking roof,  whilst, at the same time and most importantly, making their bishop exceedingly happy.

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