Off With Our Head

Today the most important political event in my life since the Cuban Missile Crisis is taking place. As with the Cuban Missile Crisis I have absolutely no say in how things will turn out. I just have to wait on the decisions of others. Of course, we won't all be dead tomorrow if the Scottish people vote for independence but the lives of the English, Welsh and Northern Irish (especially the Northern Irish and those of us who live in the far north of England) will certainly never be the same again. Another thing that will be certain is that we will be lesser than what we are now, geographically of course, but also politically, economically and, above all in my opinion, culturally.


There is a lot of talk about the long term economic prospects for the countries of the United Kingdom should the Scottish people vote for independence today, but I have not heard anybody talking about the short term economic effects of such a decision. My guess is that the cost of the simple mechanics of separating the two nations, for both the public and private sectors, will be astronomical. I believe we have every reason to worry that our economies will be knocked back to how they were at the start of the recent recessions just because of the cost of the action of splitting up. If Scotland defaults on the national debt we will all be completely screwed.

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