Islamists Prove Darwin Was Wrong

I see from reports in the Huffington Post and elsewhere that ISIS (IS, ISIL, whatever) have banned the teaching of evolution in the schools now under their control.

To be fair on the men of Islamic State they will have based this decision on strong, empirical evidence. They will have looked at themselves, their thinking and their behaviour, and will have come to the obvious and logical conclusion that their lineage has not evolved in the slightest little bit since their ancestors were angrily throwing half eaten soft fruits at each whilst hanging around in the tree tops many millions of years ago. In fact we may be talking bottom dwellers or even pond scum here.


Islamists Prove Darwin Was Wrong — 2 Comments

  1. This is the reason Malala Yousafzai was shot – not so much that she was attending school, but that the school she was attending (founded by her father) was too secular.

  2. Oh and just for the record, I love that girl. She’s courageous and dedicated to ensuring that girls worldwide have access to education.

    I don’t agree with her religion; she’s obviously a devout Muslimah, but she herself seems pretty cool.

    It’s possible to love someone to bits, or highly admire them, etc, but dislike their religion.