Feel Our Hurt

Most people in England believe that we subsidise the Scots and have done for years. If you accept that at this moment in time (pre-independence vote) North Sea oil belongs to the whole of the UK and not just Scotland, then we are correct to believe this. Every Scot gets over £1000 more out of the central pot every year than English people do (I have no idea about the residents of Wales and Northern Ireland). Then, of course, there is the fact that many services cost more because Scotland is in the UK for the simple fact that it costs more to provide services to the remote areas of Scotland than it does to provide the same services to the concentrated population of overcrowded England.

So most people in England believe that Scotland costs us money and they are right to believe it. Yet, with the exception of the usual suspects, most English people really do not want Scotland to leave the UK.

Now, for my American friends let me point out that the English have very little interest in political matters unlike yourselves. I have not yet met an English person opposed to Scotland becoming independent who is opposed because of political or economic reasons. Overwhelmingly it is an emotional matter for us. Scotland is part of who we are and we want the Scots to feel that we are part of who they are. We recognise there is a difference between people who call themselves Scottish and those who call themselves English or Welsh or whatever but that difference is the same as the difference between people of African descent in the USA and people of European descent or whatever. How would Americans feel if at least half the African-Americans demanded a separate nation for themselves within the USA? I think a lot of Americans would think it a racial/racist thing and this is what upsets me most about the Scottish call for independence. It is a racial thing; it is a tribal thing, it is a them and us thing. That is so sad, it makes me want to cry.


Feel Our Hurt — 1 Comment

  1. There once were a people called Scots
    Who did think, “Should we not change our spots?”
    “We don’t want to be Brits,
    They do give us the shits”
    Saying “Yes”, they now sure have the trots.

    Cheers MP.
    Hope you are well.