Should England Put Itself First For A Change?

If the Scots vote yes to independence, which I think is extremely likely now, then the English should be given the opportunity to vote for independence from Wales, Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands and The Isle of Man. By letting go of our responsibilities in Wales and Northern Ireland the English would, after a period of transition, be considerably better off and more specifically, and hopefully more efficiently, governed. And the Scottish independence paradigm is all about being "better off without you now."

If the Scots vote no to independence and are given even more powers to rule themselves then it is my opinion that the only fair, logical and workable, way for the United Kingdom to progress is for it to become a federation of states along the lines of the USA.


Should England Put Itself First For A Change? — 1 Comment

  1. Interesting how obsessed the English politicians are with hanging onto Scotland. Why? It’s always the big country that wants to hang onto the small country, never the other way round. If all my Scottish friends become foreigners, I’ll love them just as much.