Those Illiberal Liberals

I've just discovered (on somebody else's Facebook page) that it's not because I don't spell everything out that people insist on attacking me for things that I didn't actually say. The truth is that even if you do spell everything out very clearly, with lots of "of course I don't means" and that sort of thing people will still attack you for things you didn't actually say. Unless you absolutely tow the party line the gatekeepers of liberalism (and I expect the gatekeepers of conservatism if you happen to be in that camp) will go for you like African hunting dogs descending on their prey.

These gatekeepers deliberately close down all discussion by their rabid responses to any suggestion of an alternative scenario and are killing the Enlightenment vision. You see it on Facebook, you see it in academia, among artists and scientists, philosophers and theologians. You see it in the media and it is most apparent in our political institutions from the grass roots all the way up to the United Nations.



Those Illiberal Liberals — 6 Comments

  1. You take that back or you’ll be hung from the yardarm, or keelhauled, or forced to watch Fox News for eternity!

  2. For the last 4 years or so I have realized that the liberal vision isn’t interested in actual “liberty” or “freedom” at all. Instead they want more and more restriction, control, monitoring, laws, etc etc etc.

    • When the Liberal Party gained control of Newcastle Council a few years ago the first thing they did was start reducing speed limits, creating bus lanes (that we did not need) and making it more and more difficult to drive around the city, even though they did fuck all to make public transport an attractive option. So yes, I agree. Liberals do seem to be controlling by nature.

  3. And you are right about toeing the party line. There is no independence of thought on either side. There is absolutely no middle ground. I do have one friend who says we are in a WAR and it’s conservatives v liberals and the liberals have to get as nasty as possible IF they’re going to win. He doesn’t realize he’s just turned into the liberal version of his conservative enemies.