Israel – Embracing The Moral Low Ground

During the period known as "the Troubles" in Northern Ireland the IRA was in the habit of exploding bombs in England which killed men, women, quite a few children and even horses. In Northern Ireland itself both Catholic and Protestant militias spent their time killing each other and blowing up lots of innocent people, including children, in the process. The British government did not handle the situation well until the end; I expect members of the armed forces were guilty of doing the unacceptable at times; innocent people were imprisoned and the army was certainly guilty of a horrible crime on Bloody Sunday, as has been publicly admitted. However, as far as I can remember at no point, no matter what carnage was being inflicted on the people of England did the British government order the bombing of areas in Northern Ireland where terrorists might have been hiding. At no point did the British government propose that the loss of a single child as collateral damage would be worth the possibility of killing a terrorist. Now, if the idiots in Westminster could conduct a war against terror with such moral restraints surely God's chosen people can.

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