No Hope For The Twenty First Century Leper — 1 Comment

  1. We assume that the abused will be more sensitive and resist abusing others in return. That’s not how it works. More likely, because the abused felt intimidated and incompetent in the contest with their abusers, to equalize their situation, they’ll turn around to abuse others in turn. Or, at a minimum, take silent satisfaction in the knowledge that their discomfort was/is not unique. “Misery loves company.”
    If we want to stop abuse, and we should, then what’s needed is that authorities stand against it and intervene. The abused cannot effect a halt without risking even more serious injury and becoming, in effect, the instruments of their abusers. Abusers are not going to stop on their own because ancient injustices are never satisfied. Not to mention that any behavior engaged in often enough becomes habitual. Abusive behavior, unlike murder, requires and responds to an intervention. On the other hand, one might well consider that abuse is a preliminary to murder. So, if we want to prevent the latter, it’s also advisable that we intervene at an early date.
    Not all humans are predators, but those that are and prey on their own kind, need to be identified and restrained.
    If our agents of government do not accord sufficient energy to this task, it is likely because these agents of government are themselves on a power trip and actually appreciate the abusers “softening” the target population up. Abusers are, of course, also on a power trip. So, some agents of government perceive a common interest with them. Then all,it takes for the miscreant to get off is an act of contrition to satisfy the agents of government, leaving them free to continue to roam the earth in pursuit of the ruination of souls.