The Mentally Ill Are The Billy No Mates Of Injustice

The government should consider intervening to stop the Church of England sacking gay vicars who marry, a former Conservative chairman has said. Lord Fowler raised the case in the House of Lords of Jeremy Pemberton, who had his licence to preach revoked after marrying his partner. He called on the government to "see if there is anything that could be done to help reconcile the difficulties".

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This demonstrates just how sexy being gay has become. Of course I rejoice that people right at the top of the establishment (at least the secular establishment that it is) are prepared to stick their necks out to help those gay clergy who are sacked without recourse to equality law. However, every time something like this is reported my own sadness floods over me and I can't help asking the question, why was no one prepared to stick their neck out for me when I was treated so unfairly and eventually sacked by the Bishop of Newcastle for basically having suffered from a bout of very serious, clinical depression. The answer is, I fear, that, as I said, gay is sexy, whilst mental illness is still a taboo in society and those who suffer from it are social lepers who cannot rely on the help of influential people or colleagues or even so-called friends. It would be nice to think that when they have got the justice that they deserve, Christian LGBT people will then come to the aid of those minorities who are still subject to discrimination within the Church. However, somehow I doubt that they will because people are like that.


The Mentally Ill Are The Billy No Mates Of Injustice — 1 Comment

  1. “gay is sexy, whilst mental illness is still a taboo”

    Only one of those are we still trying to “cure”: just my 2c.