Record Sleeves With Dogs On (134)

My "Record Sleeves With Dogs On" series of posts has now become so popular that even superstars are jumping on the bandwagon in an attempt to sell a few extra copies of their latest album.



Record Sleeves With Dogs On (134) — 7 Comments

  1. This guy has always creeped me out. Whenever I’ve seen him perform (on TV), he’s always surrounded by guys who appear to be no more than half is age.

    [Hypocrisy Disclaimer: that used to be the late Robert Palmer’s schtick, too, en femme—and they weren’t even playing their instruments! That was creepy, too . . . but, y’know, I’d get distracted. ;-p]

    • As I known darn well you would love to be surrounded by glamorous females no more than half your age, I’m putting your comment down to jealousy rather than a desire to make a serious moral point, JCF.

  2. My. I already disclaimed my comment, so I’m putting your reply down to Bad Mood… [And you’re off, about me, by AT LEAST 5 years!]

    Seriously, though, you don’t find Morrisey a bit of a “tosser”, as y’all say? Scowling, superious—and I don’t get what people like about his music (in my my admittedly limited exposure to it).

    • I liked some of the Smiths’ music but I have never bought anything by Morrisey since he went solo. As for superious, I cannot denounce that without denouncing a defining attribute of my nation’s collective personality. So I won’t.

  3. MP, can you put me out of my misery please? I remember the old days of records. They were made of vinyl and had sleeves. Are all these record sleeves that old, or do you mean something else by ‘record’?

  4. I use the word “record” to mean something that has been recorded. Therefore, I’m sorry to have to tell you that, as almost all of them are posted on my blog within days of their release, most of these “records” would have been issued primarily as CDs or just for download. However, vinyl is coming back into fashion and a lot of new records are being released in high quality vinyl as well as on CD and as a download. However, you have to be committed to the format as a vinyl record will set you back twenty quid or more.