More Women And Girls Abducted In Nigeria

According to THE BBC a further sixty plus women and girls have been abducted to be sold by the Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram, in northern Nigeria.

How soon the world forgets and moves on to the next big news story. But to be honest, the "Christian" nations of the world campaigning for the release of all these women and girls is probably counterproductive as these terrorists thrive on their hatred of Christians. Only the Muslim world can stop this misogynist violence by the extremists of their own faith by condemning their actions loudly and clearly and by respecting women as equals not as the property of men.


More Women And Girls Abducted In Nigeria — 2 Comments

  1. Don’t hold your breath MP, not even Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc. have accomplished that yet. Misogyny is ecumenical and interfaith.

    • Maybe, but there are levels of misogyny and, more important, there are levels of protection and legal redress for women. Being a woman in Sweden, for example, is a lot less fraught with danger than being a woman in Iran, whatever the natural inclinations of their respective male populations might be. We do the abused women of the world no favours when we beat ourselves up for past failings when faced with the present day sins of people of other faiths.