Passing Thoughts Of A MadPriest

It doesn't matter how talented the musician is, solo guitar music starts to get really boring after about 30 seconds of listening to it. God created guitarists to accompany singers and for no other reason.


Passing Thoughts Of A MadPriest — 8 Comments

    • Tim, your opinion does not count as you are too easily tempted into boring the pants off the general public with the odd ill judged solo guitar piece yourself. 🙂

  1. Jonathan, you are the first member of the general public who has ever claimed to be bored by my solo guitar pieces!

    And to prove you wrong, see this piece by Mr. Cockburn.

    • Yes, but I’m probably the only person with compulsive personality disorder that you know or perhaps people are just basically nice and will say anything to avoid a scene (especially Canadians) or perhaps they really hate your singing 🙂 Anyway, I’m not picking on you in particular nor am I denying your incredible talent. I’m just saying that the emperor is naked. Solo guitar is like opera. People pretend to like it but in reality they would rather be listening to a good song.

    • No. Are you confusing my madness with obsessive compulsive disorder, which is something different?