The Disappearing Of A Clergyman

If I have not been defrocked of my priesthood and priesthood is a state of being not a job, then why I am never invited to clergy chapters, diocesan conferences etc and why do I never get a single piece of mail from the Diocesan office? Why did I receive no invitation to the new bishop's installation? In fact, why does absolutely no one from the Church of England in the diocese of Durham where I live ever get in touch? Heck, even lepers were allowed to peer through the squint into the church back in the day. I'm not even allowed that small privilege. This issue is complicated by the fact that as a priest I am not allowed to become a full member of a congregation. Therefore, by not defrocking me but also not acknowledging my existence they keep me completely away from the church.


The Disappearing Of A Clergyman — 3 Comments

  1. The simple answer is that such invitations only go to those clergy on the “active” or occasionally the “active retired” list of the Diocese. I know of several non-active retired clergy who are not on the Dio mailing list, especially if they have never been given Permission to Officiate.

    I just wonder if the local Clergy Chapter would consider inviting you to their Wider Chapter events? I know some Chapters have a very open policy, whilst others do not. Maybe if the local Rural Dean is welcoming …..

    As to involvement in a parish, as you well know, the Church Representation Rules preclude an ordained cleric from serving on a PCC. I shall be in the same situation when I retire, but then I don’t forsee me wanting any such local involvement at that point.

    • I would find being invited to special events only extremely patronising. But then that is what the Church is if it is anything at all.

  2. Surely their actions can’t keep you from attending church services altogether. If so, there is no hope for the buggers…. I’d go and attend whatever church you’d like. At least then if they wanted to keep you out, they’d have to acknowledge your existence. If you had collected photos of the right people cavorting with barnyard animals, none of this would have happened…..