Facebook Is The Opium Of The Lazy Thinkers

Back in the days when blogging was the social media choice of the chattering classes there was plenty of creativity going on. Then people seemed to dumb down on mass. I think this has meant that we have handed the discussion of "worthy" matters back to those with traditional power. In the brief period when we embraced the internet as a way of educating and changing the world the traditionally powerless were powerful for a while. We actually made good things happen and bad things not happen. I do not see that happening on Facebook. But it could if people aimed higher again.


Facebook Is The Opium Of The Lazy Thinkers — 2 Comments

  1. There are still some remarkably good commentaries on Facebook, but admittedly they are utterly dependent on the people writing them. It is true that the content and practical purpose of Facebook as a social meeting place and not a center for discussion or learning has changed (and no doubt in areas, lowered) the quality of the discourse. I use it to keep up with family members, but otherwise, I have too many other things I want to do to spend much time there. I do comment on things that appeal to me, particularly good posts from friends or fellow flaming Commies…..:-)

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