If This Is love…

How can an honest man preach about hope when he has no hope? How can he tell of a God who is supposed to be near to each one of us when God deserted him years ago? This Sunday marks four long, painful years since I last presided at the Eucharist in church. I decided to celebrate this inauspicious occasion by failing to get an interview for probably the only post in the Church of England that I stood a chance of getting appointed to. There will be no sermon in this week's podcast from Saint Laika's. I don't wish to lie to people.


If This Is love… — 6 Comments

  1. Jonathan, I will continue to pray, because I’m stubborn.

    As a friend, though, I will ask you to consider this possibility.

    It seems very clear to me, from afar, that you can choose (a) Continuing this blog in its present form, with its very public and highly critical attitude toward the leadership of the Church of England, including the bishop in whose diocese you served, and also continuing to refuse to get involved in any local C of E church, or (b) having any chance at all of getting a parish appointment in the C of E.

    Choosing (b), of course, would not guarantee you such an appointment. but it’s very clear to me (and, I suspect, to a lot of other silent observers) that choosing (a) will make (b) impossible.

    So, my friend, I will continue to pray, but I suspect that if you want an appointment, you are going to have to make some hard choices.

    And now I will shut up.

    • I did not start this. This was started a long time before I started my blog by a very evil man. In fact my blog was a reaction to the evil. The hard choice I make is to keep telling the truth about the evil at the top of the church hierarchy even if that I means I never get what I desire. However, that does not mean that I am going to be quiet about the suffering I have to suffer in order to maintain my integrity. I ain’t no silent martyr type.

      If I’m getting on your nerves, Tim, you have my permission to piss off by the way. You won’t be the first one who got fed up of listening to me complain and unfriended me.

      And I do go to church by the way. I just do so quietly and anonymously without it being about me getting something.

  2. Well, and I stopped going to confession because I was tired of making up sins to confess. There are good people in the world and organized establishments of religion are not for them. If the forgiveness of sin is supposed to be an attractant, keep in mind that there first has to be a sin to forgive and just being born is not it.
    The only rationale for the assertion that men made by God in his own likeness are inherently evil is to justify the agenda of those who lay claim to the mission of making men good — I.e. correcting the mistakes of the Creator. Talk about hubris!
    That the hireling is responsible for getting hired is a cruel joke perpetrated by people who are most adept at shifting all responsibility for agency onto someone else.
    That humans are given life, but not a living is not the fault of the people who birth them. Rather, it is the fault of the people who spend their seed but do not appreciate the result, unless and until the progeny prove themselves useful, if only be being subservient and adoring.
    Subservience is what the culture of obedience values.

  3. To quote Tillich,
    ‘The courage to be is rooted in the God who appears when God has disappeared in the anxiety of doubt.