Liberals Want It Both Ways And At The Same Time

If Gene Robinson's divorce is just a personal matter and, to put it Susan Russell's aggressively defensive words, "not about me," then his marriage was just personal and not about anyone else. But Gene made it absolutely clear that his marriage was a communal thing, a statement to the rest of society. He chose to be iconic and representative. So I'm not in the slightest bit embarrassed by the fact that I find the latest chapter of his life in the public eye disappointing.

You make your own bed and you lie in it, whether that's with company or on your own.


Liberals Want It Both Ways And At The Same Time — 1 Comment

  1. I don’t think the reverend wanting to be married to his male companion was/is evidence of liberalism. Robinson is a grand stander. There’s no reason why such a personality trait should be restricted by gender or race or sexual attraction. Grand standing, the “look at me, ma” attitude does, however, seem to associated with an inability to care, share and commit oneself to another. I suspect that self-centered people are self-centered and not able to relate well to others because they have little awareness of the self or the other. If one has no awareness of the self, it is difficult to perceive the other, since there is no basis for comparison.
    Indeed, it is possible that the resulting lack of practical talents (it’s not possible to work with what one does not perceive), consigns such people to relying on their linguistic ability. They preach or persuade others to sustain them because they have no choice. If they are, in addition, tongue-tied, they probably have no option but to resort to thievery. The exploitation of one’s own kind seems to be the default, when all else fails to provide sustenance.
    You, Mad Priest, seem to have talents galore, but lack the requisite ability to comply without question that organized religion demands of its members. Establishments of anything don’t value liberty or liberals — people who do good on their own without being coerced.