Orange Is The New Brown


Forest monks are rejecting an order by the Dhammayutti Nikaya sect of Buddhism in Thailand requesting all monks to wear a lighter-coloured orange robe, and insist they will continue to wear their traditional brown. Somdet Phra Wannarat, acting head of the Dhammayutti sect, last week signed an announcement setting a new practice to be followed by Dhammayutti monks. They should wear a lighter coloured orange robe, the shade usually worn for royal ceremonies. The shade is said to be not too yellow and not too dark. The regulation aims to harmonise the colours of robes worn by monks in the different sects of Buddhism, and it is intended it be complied with nationwide on May 13 .

It's the Synod of Whitby all over again and we all know how badly that turned out. What is it with religious "leaders?" Why do they have the overwhelming desire to tell people what to do? It's like, "People do what I say therefore I am." They must really have some serious insecurity problems. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if needing to be in charge is all about insecurity. I mean take our House of Bishops. I doubt if there has ever existed a more insecure bunch of neurotic men. They are so scared that their house of cards is going to come tumbling down that they go into a blind panic if there is even the slightest breath of wind blowing their way.


Orange Is The New Brown — 3 Comments

  1. Good grief.

    I know there are some marvelous people among those working for institutional religion but I’ve really just lost my ability to be involved any longer.

    • I watched a documentary about Saint Cuthbert this evening and so I’m all fired up about Christianity without hierarchy.