A Better Halloween

I have never understood why the English seem intent on copying everything American when there are customs out there in the rest of the world that are far more enjoyable than anything the Yanks could come up with.

Take for example, the recently imported American Halloween. It's so annoying having kids you don't know knocking on your door every five minutes demanding money when all you want to do is have a quiet night in in front of the TV. No wonder we have bred a generation of children who are growing up to think they can get something for nothing.

The Japanese have got it right. I really do salute them. They celebrate a spring festival called “Setsubun,” in which people chase demons to bring good fortune. The thing is they have decided that the one thing that demons really hate more than anything else is the sound of little children crying. So, in order to get rid of the demons, the grown-ups dress up as demons and then go around scaring the living daylights out of the children of the neighbourhood until they burst into tears.

I ask you, what is there not to like about that? Heck, I'd give up a night in front of the television to join in with such an enjoyable and cheap tradition.


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  1. …speaking of warming up his place in hell, MP…

    [I was thinking one could have “a better Halloween” just by performing a “take, bless, break and distribute” the Pope! [I mean the chocolate one. ;-p]