Rich Episcopalians In An Age Of Homelessness


Trinity Church, the historic Episcopal congregation in Copley Square known for its charitable work, has purchased a $3.6 million condo on Beacon Hill as a home for its rector, the Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III. The 3,100-square-foot Chestnut Street property boasts a two-car garage, a pantry equipped with a wine cellar, a courtyard draped with wisteria and ivy, and a guesthouse, all about a block from Boston Common.

Peter Lawrence, Trinity’s senior warden, cast the transaction as a savvy investment that would have no meaningful effect on the church’s operating budget because a large chunk of the purchase price would come from the church’s $30 million endowment.

It says "two-car garage" in estate agent's blurb, but quite honestly, you are only going to be able to squeeze one Rolls Royce Phantom into it.


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