Wankers To Be Reported To Bishops

Basically the message of this ridiculous video is that if you know of someone who watches porn or wanks you must tell your bishop. Now, I don't know about your bishop but I would think that bringing up the subject of masturbation in the presence of a Church of England bishop would touch such a raw nerve (forgive the pun) that he would turn bright pink and run a mile faster than you could say, "Have you finished with that copy of Spank, my lord?"


Wankers To Be Reported To Bishops — 1 Comment

  1. This video is making the rounds, however, I’m not sure at what point it got spun to be “Christian,” since it’s a Latter Day Saint/Brigham Young University production, and is anti-porn, not masturbation. I’m not sure if that is important, but it is more accurate in its representation.