What Has Justin Welby Got In His Hand?

I have never been one to do as I am told. So I don't give a flying one that I'm not supposed to liken people to fascists on the internet. As far as I'm concerned If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck it is a duck and no amount of political correctness is going to change that fact.

And the fact is that the governments of those countries in Africa and elsewhere, where the persecution of gay people is enshrined in legislation, are just as intrinsically evil, and for the same reasons, as the Nazi government lead by Adolf Hitler. They are of the same type. The only difference between them is one of scale - and that is only so far. Remember, Hitler started with changing the law before he moved on to genocide.

So, I would suggest that as Nigeria, Uganda et al are nations rapidly going down the road to full on fascism, the churches in those countries are in the same position as the churches were in Germany when Hitler started showing his true colours. Sadly, it would appear that the Anglican Church and all the other major denominations in these countries are very much in bed with the secular rulers of their lands. There is no Confessing Church in Nigeria. There is no Dietrich Bonhoeffer coming forward in Kenya. In fact there are just apologists for fascism like Archbishop Eliud Wabukala who has publicly rejected a "Church of England plea to review its (GAFCON's) Bible-based condemnation of gays."

So, the question has to now be asked. Is Justin Welby, as Archbishop of Canterbury, going to continue to pursue his predecessor's policy of appeasement or is he going to recognise the fascist duck for what it is and resist it with at least the same determination as the saints of the German Confessing Church?

Now, I am not calling for war. But I am calling on the Archbishop to start imposing ecclesiastical sanctions against the Anglican Provinces that continue to back evil regimes to the same level as secular sanctions were imposed on the South African government in an attempt to persuade it to stop the evil that was apartheid. Bear in mind that not everything the South African government did was evil but that which it did do that was evil was so evil that justice demanded that people of goodwill gave it no quarter. It should be the same with the the homophobic nations of the world and the religious institutions that support them. It doesn't matter how many so-called Anglicans there are in these countries. It doesn't matter how many good people there are in these countries (there were plenty of good people in South Africa). It doesn't matter that Muslims will get upset (they are killing Christians anyway and nobody said that doing the right thing would be painless). All that matters is that the same mindset and ideologies that led to the Holocaust (of Jews, gypsies, the mentally ill and gay people) is not allowed to progress to the systematic extermination of gay people in Africa and elsewhere simply because good people have done nothing.


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