MadPriest On The Evolution Of The Human Mind

Over the weekend I watched a PBS documentary on the evolution of the human mind. Why is it that whenever anthropologists talk about the awakening of the artistic impulse in human beings it is always men who are down in those caves painting animals on the wall?

I would have thought that stories such as Eve eating the apple from the tree of knowledge, the representation of wisdom as female and the primacy of female deities in our earliest religions would indicate that it was in the brains of women that the first sparks of self awareness and empathy happened.

And another thing, whilst the men were out working down the quarry or hunting the wooly mammoth your average cavewife had far more time to pursue her hobbies like painting and carving little sculptures of goddesses with boobs and big bellies than their husbands did. I cite the Flintstones as proof of this.



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