Atheists Bore Football Crowds


American Atheists is putting up a new billboard making fun of prayer outside Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, where the Super Bowl is scheduled to take place on Sunday.

The 14 feet by 48 feet billboard features a man in a priest uniform with the text "A 'Hail Mary' only works in football. Enjoy the game!" referring to the Roman Catholic prayer to the Virgin Mary and also the name of a long-forward pass in football.

"Prayer is superstition, plain and simple," AA President David Silverman said in a statement.


In response to the antagonistic poster from AA, the organisation AAA (Americans Against Assholes) have retaliated with their own billboard.



Atheists Bore Football Crowds — 1 Comment

  1. These dipsh*ts seriously believe that the prayer known as the Hail Mary is supposed to “work” just like the football play: to gain points. They’d be lucky to have as much in their empty heads as “superstition, plain and simple.”