Weeding Out The Hypocrites

Now this may well be an urban myth, but I remember reading somewhere that in order to make sure no "homosexuals" got into the job, all male applicants to the Canadian civil service had electrodes attached to their penises and were shown pictures of naked men. If their penises twitched they didn't get in.

Whether this is the truth or not I think it would be a very good idea to subject all the bishops of the Church of England to the same test. Although, I wouldn't envy whoever gets to stick on the electrodes.

Then, when the test results are made public, they should have that meeting about the Pilling report on same sex marriage all over again.


Weeding Out The Hypocrites — 1 Comment

  1. “Canadian civil service”???

    [If they did such a test at the Vatican, the twitching electrodes would cause a black-out across Rome!]