The Agreement Of The Church Of England Bishops

We believe in god the prevaricator,
maker of the fudge.

We agree to disagree about everything
including that which others see
as nothing more than merely
and simply
a matter of justice.

We agree to drink cups of tea,
on holy days, a cream sherry,
and go for a wee
together when we feel the need
to quickly conjure up
a united front against the laity.

We agree with telling the press
that we’re in a mess
and can’t possibly agree,
you see,
but that we’ll do so civilly
at least in public.

We all agree
that we would turn R.C.
in an instant
if it wasn’t for the sex thing
and the House of Lords
and the low wages.

We all agree that it’s much better in Africa
than it is in England.

We may just agree
with each other occasionally,
once in a blue moon,
but never with you.


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