News From Namibia

From THE NAMIBIAN: Omusati education director has told disgruntled parents that the principal of Oshilemba Combined School, Teeleleni Shaanyenge, whom they believe is responsible for ‘demonic spirits’ allegedly haunting the school, is not going anywhere. The parents are demanding that … [CLICK TO READ MORE]


From ARUTZ SHEVA 7: The recently exposed relationship between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s son Yair and his non-Jewish girlfriend, Norweigan Sandra Leikanger, has set off a wave of debate over the question of assimilation within the Jewish state. The two … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Quote Of The Day

The 25-year effort to elevate to sainthood a beloved Buffalo-area priest known as the “Padre of the Poor” has so far cost upward of $100,000, and plans are in the works to raise hundreds of thousands more. (RAPID CITY JOURNAL) … [CLICK TO READ MORE]