Anglo-Catholics Responsible For Global Warming

At least, they are if the Buddhist Association of China is correct.

From ECNS:

Religious groups in China on Wednesday called for temple visitors to burn less joss sticks during Spring Festival, as excessive incense sticks burning has contributed to worsening air quality.

Addressing a news conference, spokesmen for the Buddhist Association of China and the Chinese Taoist Association said the practice of burning a large amount of joss sticks is irrational and affects air quality.

In Chinese tradition, burning joss sticks in temples is a ritual to pray for blessings. In recent years, as the Chinese get richer, more people choose to burn incense sticks in temples to pray for a better life during traditional holidays. In some cases, they burned hundreds of dollars of incense sticks.

Which is probably still a lot less incense than a certain provost burns at St. Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow, on a Sunday morning. I'm wondering if the students of Glasgow university would still want him as their rector if they knew he was personally responsible for the impending climatological apocalypse.



Anglo-Catholics Responsible For Global Warming — 5 Comments

  1. Brilliant! And Kelvin, give it a rest! In fact, joss sticks contribute less, so try them, please. For the sake of the planet!

  2. I should have known: I visited Weaverville CA famous Joss House as a child, and I have been an Anglo-Catholic killing the planet ever since…