The Soundtrack To Our Lives

When the Of Course I Could Be Wrong blog was moved over to the new Saint Laika website everything that was on the sidebar disappeared. I have been gradually adding the missing stuff to the new site and today was the turn of the ever popular "Soundtrack To Our Lives" audio file. It can now be found permanently at the top of the RADIO LAIKA page.

Parental-Advisory---Explicit-Lyrics-Poster-C10287219If you are down. If the Church is pissing you off. If members of the Church are making your life hell. If everything you try to do to bring in the Kingdom is thwarted by those who are eternally fearful of change. If those Christians have turned their back on you because you are queer, mad, a woman, a bit weird, a different colour, a socialist, autistic, artistic or any of the many other reasons for the gatekeepers of the Church to keep people out, then give this collection of songs a listen - as loud as possible. It has been mixed with love for the outsider, the children the institutions of Christianity have tried to stop sitting on the lap of Jesus Christ ever since the day he told his disciples not to turn them away. It will give you strength to fight the good fight. Y venceremos! And we will win!

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