Licensed To Whinge



A federal judge has rejected a claim by Bethany pastor, Keith Cressman that the image on the state's license plate of a young Apache warrior shooting an arrow skyward conveys a religious message that is counter to his Christian beliefs and violated his First Amendment right against compelled speech.

Allan_houser_sacred_rain_arrowU.S. District Judge Joe Heaton wrote there is nothing about the image that suggests the Indian warrior is praying or that the arrow he is shooting is sacred, even though the image is inspired by artist Allan Houser's “Sacred Rain Arrow” sculpture.

Inspired by? Copied from would be a more accurate description. And I think that if you copy an image then you cannot avoid importing the symbolism of the original. Therefore, I think the judge is wrong in this case.

He should have dismissed the plaintiff's claim on the basis that he was a dickhead and time waster.

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