Is Orthodox Church About To Canonise Stalin?


A publishing house run by the Russian Orthodox Church has released a 2014 calendar devoted to Josef Stalin, unleashing a flurry of indignation among Russian bloggers and a discussion about the Church's ties to the former Soviet dictator. The calendar, published by the Moscow-based patriarchal printing house of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius monastery, presents pictures of Stalin, accompanied by excerpts from his biography. The photographs show Stalin gradually ageing as the months roll on — from a young man on the January page to a gray-haired Soviet leader in December.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz001The calendar, on sale for 200 rubles ($6), "would be an excellent gift for veterans and history buffs," according to the website of Dostoinstvo publishing house.

Well, it makes a change from gay-bashing, I suppose.

And athletes will be able to buy a copy when they ignore all the calls for a boycott of Putin's New (homophobic, misogynist) Dictatorship and attend the Winter Olympics.


Is Orthodox Church About To Canonise Stalin? — 2 Comments

  1. Maybe this one is to compete with the new Russian Orthodox guys (very handsome) who are publishing a very gay oriented Orthodox calendar? nij