I think that historically, in all cultures, men have tried to force women (other than prostitutes) to dress in such a way as to hide their sexuality and it is women who have recently forced other women to emphasise their sexuality through their dress. However, feminists often claim that it is men (in general) who are forcing women to doll themselves up, diet etc. But other than the fact that some men attempt to make money off women forcing women to objectify themselves, the problem is not men.

So, if we ban the wearing of the full burka we are giving in to the female oppression of women. If we encourage the wearing of the hijab we are giving in to the male oppression of women. It would appear that if you are woman you just can't win.



  1. That’s right.

    But in a lot of ways, it appears that if you’re a man, you just can’t win (for different reasons).

    Or, if you’re white, you just can’t win.

    Or, if you’re straight, you just can’t win.

    Et cetera. All for different reasons, of course, but no one can really “win.”

    Context does have a lot to do with it, of course. 😉