This is a track off Nancy Sinatra's soon to be released new album. The Neil Diamond song is not quite my cup of tea but Nancy's voice is. If anything it's stronger than it was when she was at her most famous in the 1960s and it is every bit as sexy as it always has been.

Celebrity sluts, (yes, sluts, they know what they are doing) like Cyrus and Perry, could learn a heck of a lot from a true diva like Nancy. Shoving it in our face makes all but the most persistently adolescent of us feel decidedly queazy. It's saying "no" with just a faint suspicion of "or perhaps maybe" that turns us on.

I'm glad Nancy Sinatra is still walking tall in the entertainment industry, although I wish she wouldn't use so much Botox as it makes her look like a wide mouthed frog. And that isn't sexy in the slightest.


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