I notice that Pope Francis is coming under increasing attack from right wing commentators, especially in the USA. They have decided that he has "liberal views." But Francis is simply trying to live his life (as far as the leader of a successful, bling-ridden world religion can) as Jesus and the leaders of the early church encouraged the faithful to in their preaching and by leading such lives themselves.
It never fails to amaze me how mathematically inept the Christian Right is. If they could only add one and one together successfully they would discover that the bigoted, selfish, personal wealth obsessed Jesus of their perverted imagination never existed and, in fact, the Jesus of their beloved Bible was, according to that same Bible, a brazen, out and proud, socialist.
In attacking the pope they are attacking Jesus Christ and all that he stands for. But then that is what the Christian Right has been doing for as long as there has been a Christian Right (which is slightly less than 2000 years).

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