There is one thing that would probably help an unemployed priest find an opportunity to continue his or her ministry more than anything else and that is to be kept in the loop, so to speak. But since being "made redundant" I have never been invited to a chapter meeting or a retreat or a conference or seminar. I never receive newsletters or emails from the diocese. I am not on the diocesan list of clergy. Heck, I don't even get a Christmas card from the bishop's office.

So, very soon an unemployed priest becomes separated from the church and out of touch. This being out of touch is then used against the priest if he or she tries to get another job.

It's just one of the ways that a bishop who sacks someone he doesn't like gets to make sure the sacking sticks for ever.

POSTSCRIPT: I've just had an awful thought. If anything the Apostles "bind" on earth is automatically bound in heaven, and bishops are the present day holders of the apostolic office, then I am going to be unemployed and broke when I die just as much as I am now. And there will be nothing God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit can do about it without going back on their word. You know, bishops should think more carefully before being cruel. Not only do they risk ruining an earthly life they risk ruining a life for all eternity. On the bright side, it means one less reason for taking my own life to get away from the misery. What's the point if there's just the same misery on the other side?


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  1. I believe that if you do your research, you will discover that the literal translation of Matthew 18:18 into the King’s English should read: “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth, unless thou be a prick, shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth, unless thou be an asshat, shall be loosed in heaven.”

  2. I think perhaps you’ve reached the “Reductio ad Absurdum” of a certain view of ordination. “I know I’m truly ordained, but if I’m truly ordained, it’s only because my ordainer was truly ordained, but if my ordainer says I’m NOT truly ordained, then I must not be truly ordained, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum”.

    God’s BIGGER than that. God can ONLY be God, if God is God, simultaneously, of X&NotX. X and NotX MUST be able to meet in God. Humans create contradictions, God transcends them—and in so doing, transforms us.

    And Wot KJ Said.

  3. Here are more meditations from another mad priest, the late Canon Jim Glennon of Sydney, who was so far down that he said death would have been welcome, until he went around all day saying, “Thank you Father for power, love, and self-control.” I didn’t come from an extreme psychological state, and yet I make these thoughts the way I live and move and have my being:
    32. I live yet not I, Christ lives in me.
    33. Dead unto sin and alive unto righteousness.
    34. Neither does the wicked one touch us.
    35. That is what is available.
    36. You shall receive power. The son of God empowered.
    37. The wicked one touches us not — we are protected from Satan.
    38. We don’t have to have sickness and infirmity.
    39. This is also called freedom. Freedom from these things.
    40. This is our birthright because the wicked one touches us not. It is our birthright — the Bible says so.
    Fifth Day
    41. Perseverance in meditation is working out our salvation in the sense of becoming more aware of what it means. We are sons of God. The wicked one touches us not.
    42. If you put this into practice that is healing. Enter into what it means to be a son of God. It is more than healing. It is prevention.
    43. We are those who are believing in the perfection, in what is available. We are learning to draw on it. That is what we are meditating about, dwelling on.
    44. That is what we have accepted, affirming it by faith.
    45. The Kingdom of God is within you. You are meditating on the Kingdom within you. Believe for each other as they believe for you. Group faith is more effective than individual faith.
    46. Affirm the Kingdom by faith so that is what you have.
    47. “Thank you Father, you reign in our lives to make us more than conquerors.”
    48. “Thank you Father, I am a son of God.”
    49. “Thank you Father for your Kingdom.”
    50. “Thank you Father, I am at one with everyone else.”
    Sixth Day
    51. “Thank you Father. The wicked one touches us not. “
    52. Take some phrase that is right for what you are affirming and rest in it.
    53. It means that I am free from sickness and infirmity.
    54. Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit.
    55. Because of Christ we are sons of God.
    56. Problems and sin have died with Christ.
    57. We must understand: our sickness and infirmity have died with Christ. By His stripes we are healed. Because of His stripes we are sons of God.
    58. For this reason we are to reckon we are dead unto sin. Romans 6:6
    59. The problems died with Christ and are on the cross. That is what atonement is about.
    60. The reality of the Kingdom is restored to us and it is within us.
    Seventh Day
    61. We are to be alive unto righteousness.
    62. The perfection is available. We may not appropriate it properly; we take wrong turns, but that is what is available.
    63. That is how we are to live, by faith before we have it by sight.
    64. The perfection of God is available to us. We need to be accepting and believing it in our everyday life. How do you appropriate it? Believe it is there! Prayer-thinking activity is appropriating it, living it out.
    65. What you take into you is the reality of the Kingdom — not the problem, not what you see, but the perfection of the Kingdom.
    66. React to the problem by facing it and drawing on the Kingdom.
    67. Hold onto it. Rest in it. Rest in the perfection of the Kingdom — that is what you have.
    68. Meditations enables you to prayer-think this at all times during the day — the way you live your day. For others as well as yourself. That is the method — it works all the time. Believe that, always, about everyone, in every circumstance so you make no exception at all. Mark 11:25. It only works if you do it with no exception.
    69. Faith is the way to draw on perfection.