1. 1. We are filled with all the fullness of God.
    2. If we are sons of God these things flow naturally, provided we have the priorities right, that is, we have these things because of being sons of God.
    3. We are sons of God because of Christ.
    4. “I live yet not I, Christ lives in me.”
    5. You are sons of God. All these things are yours.
    6. Let us realize what is available.
    7. Meditation is not only realizing what is available but what we are because of what Christ has done.
    8. A prayer: In the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, we place ourselves in the presence of God. Father we come into your presence through the blood of the Lamb, claiming our right as your sons through the work of Christ. We affirm that we ourselves are saved. We affirm that we come into your presence through Christ. We confess our sins and enter into oneness with everyone.
    9. Never take this for granted — oneness with God and with everyone past and present, alive and dead, so that we have truly accepted forgiveness, offered forgiveness, and are forgiven.
    10. Confess our sins to God and to one another so we have oneness with God and with everyone else.
    Third Day
    11. Come to the point of oneness with everyone. Family, office, church, love people in every place.
    12. Believe for people in compassion and faith so that God is enabled in their work, in their lives, to put right anything that is wrong.
    13. We are sons of God and joint heirs with Christ.
    14. Atonement with God means more than that. It means we are God’s sons.
    15. Let us realize who we are – sons of God because of Christ. “For through Christ you are all sons of God in union with Christ Jesus” Galatians 3:26
    16. By the grace of God not by any right of our own.
    17. The full circle has been turned. Atonement is as though we had not sinned. That is what it means. It totally makes up for our falling short.
    18. We enter into our inheritance as sons of God. This is the same as being “seated with Christ in heavenly places.”
    19. Joint heirs with Christ — God makes this more and more meaningful to us.
    20. Take up the basic position in meditation that you are a son of God, at one with God.
    21. New characteristics — an almost inexhaustible list.
    Fourth Day
    22. I live yet not I, Christ lives in me.
    23. Dead unto sin and alive unto righteousness.
    24. Neither does the wicked one touch us.
    25. That is what is available.
    26. You shall receive power. The son of God empowered.
    27. The wicked one touches us not — we are protected from Satan.
    28. We don’t have to have sickness and infirmity.
    29. This is also called freedom. Freedom from these things.
    30. This is our birthright because the wicked one touches us not. It is our birthright — the Bible says so.
    Fifth Day
    31. Perseverance in meditation is working out our salvation in the sense of becoming more aware of what it means. We are sons of God. The wicked one touches us not.
    32. If you put this into practice that is healing. Enter into what it means to be a son of God. It is more than healing. It is prevention.
    33. We are those who are believing in the perfection, in what is available. We are learning to draw on it. That is what we are meditating about, dwelling on.
    34. That is what we have accepted, affirming it by faith.
    35. The Kingdom of God is within you. You are meditating on the Kingdom within you. Believe for each other as they believe for you. Group faith is more effective than individual faith.
    36. Affirm the Kingdom by faith so that is what you have.
    37. “Thank you Father, you reign in our lives to make us more than conquerors.”
    38. “Thank you Father, I am a son of God.”
    39. “Thank you Father for your Kingdom.”
    40. “Thank you Father, I am at one with everyone else.”


    • Quiz just loves making friends with other dogs and people. He has a way of approaching unknown dogs that is so non-confrontational that, so far, not one dog has been aggressive towards him. The downside, as far as we are concerned, is the fact that if he sees another dog, no matter how far away, he wants to go up to it and make friends. And humans can be nasty no matter how they are approached by a dog. One bloke kicked him once. Mind you, Quiz’s favourite way of showing a man he likes him is to jump up and land his front paws firmly in their crotch.