Any eating of bread and drinking of wine which is done in order to remember Jesus Christ is true communion and is validated by God. Any other condition, instruction, teaching, rule or law that is attached to the Eucharist is of human invention and is, at best, born from context; at worst, born from a desire by some people to control other people and even God. It is most certainly not from God or scripture.



    • Both tragic and proof of my assertion that the rules surrounding denominational communion services are all about control. In some cases that control may be necessary, or at least useful, but in no cases is it born from theological reasoning as it concerns human additions to the commandment of Christ, “Do this to remember me.”

  1. Hmmm. I’m still pretty fond of “where 2 or 3 are gathered”, incarnationally. There’s something about the fleshy-ness of God-in-Christ, and the fleshy-ness of “My flesh is food indeed”, which make a fleshy “2 or 3” HIGHLY desirable (if not, in God’s Merciful Oikoumene, essential).

    I say all of the above, as a pretty extreme introvert (i.e., me being part of a fleshy “2 or 3” is not remotely my default mode!).

    • I’m still pretty fond of the idea as well. But it is our idea and not Christ’s. Therefore, God cannot be brought into any argument against online communion or lay presidency. That doesn’t mean there aren’t arguments against them, but they have to be human arguments without appeals to divine backing.

    • Except that he said ‘Do this in remembrance of me’ to a group of people who were gathered together. They could all have gone off in later years and interpreted that as something they could do as individuals, but for some reason they felt that his intention was that they do it when they gathered together.

    • So, communion is only for men, and Jewish ones at that? We have to be very careful about what we extrapolate from a scriptural situation as the same methodology can be used against us and, having endorsed such methodology, we are unable to argue with integrity.

      But, I am all for the gathered together idea. I just see it for what it is, an invention of the Church not Christ.