Most people get the Monday blues because they have to go back to work after the weekend. I get the Monday blues because I no longer have a job to go back to and, for me, there is no such thing as a weekend. Most people see the working week stretching ahead of them. I see just a continuing purgatory of uselessness and wasted time. 

I really do not like Monday. It is the day that I have the least energy to lie to myself.


BLUE MONDAY — 2 Comments

    • Idiocy I would forgive. It is the deliberate acts of expediency I condemn, especially as such acts are invariably contrary to the teachings of Christ. They injure me and people like me and they injure the gospel. People are not fooled. They can see by their actions that these men do not really believe in the god they profess to serve because they are so obviously unafraid to do evil when it suits them. So, people no longer believe in God, because if God’s representatives on earth do not believe in God why should they.