The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has risked inflaming the debate over Scottish independence by saying the English had mistreated the Scots for centuries. He painted Scotland as a victim of English oppression and claimed Scottish people were reluctant to work alongside their southern neighbours.

Mr Welby was speaking in Iceland about his scheme to challenge payday loan companies with low-interest, co-operative credit unions.

"It is such a powerful movement that we are even working with the Scots about it. And there is a miracle. It takes a lot to make the Scots willing to work with the English. Understandably... we have spent about 800 years ill-treating them," he told a cathedral congregation in Reykjavik.

Typical toff! His class have been ill treating everyone who is not of his class, both north and south of the border, ever since William the Bastard invaded. It is disingenuous of him to the extreme to include the working English in his confession of guilt as my ancestors (literally my ancestors) were being evicted from their tied cottages at exactly the same time as Scottish crofters were being thrown off their land. The truth is that rich and/or aristocratic Englishmen and women ill treated the English working classes and rich and/or aristocratic Scotsmen and women ill treated the Scottish working classes - they still do. But the nationality of the oppressors is irrelevant as they are part of an evil that takes no account of geographical boundaries. It is a shame that so many Scots have been duped into believing a myth that was no doubt promulgated by the Scottish rich so that they would blame the English rather than the people (English, Scottish, American, Arab whatever) who were, and still are, responsible for the poverty and unfair land ownership in their land, in England and in every other nation on earth.

Where do I get this information from?

From watching Scottish television programmes which we can now get in England thanks to digital TV. It's amazing what you learn about real Scottish history from documentaries presented by Paul Murton and the like. In fact, only this lunchtime I learnt all about the terrible way the crofters of Skye and Raasay were treated by their landlords and you know what? Yes, that's right - not a single Englishman was involved - just Scottish descendants of Viking French genocidal maniacs.

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