Right wing fundamentalist paranoia is not just an American thing as this letter to the BELFAST TELEGRAPH proves only too well. 

I SEE Peter Robinson is telling unionists to drop their 'siege mentality' and stop living in the past, now the union is secure. For unionists, that might be true, but for Protestants, the reverse is true. As far as the union is concerned, it is not our priority. What concerns us most is the moral and spiritual decline within our community. As the DUP moves to the left, those Protestants who used to regard the DUP as their natural home have been left to shift for themselves.

When Ian Paisley left the DUP, the heart and soul went out of it and we are now struggling to cope with the fall-out. Paisley believed that 'unionist' and 'Protestant' were synonymous. Peter Robinson doesn't. Maybe he's right, so he's trying to move the party away from it. We, as Protestants, have to adjust to this reality and revisit our priorities.

For years now, our community has been undermined by a liberal virus that has entered its bloodstream through the media, schools, politics and the churches. This is slowly sapping our strength. The DUP – the party we once trusted to stand with us and fight this scourge – has succumbed and is now actively engaged, as we struggle to douse this flame, in pouring oil on it.

Peter Robinson may be right when he says unionists need to move away from their 'siege mentality', but he's not speaking for Protestants. We're still under siege.

Portadown, Co Armagh

I wonder if Northern Ireland could somehow be disconnected from Eire and allowed to float off across the Atlantic to eventually become part of the Southern USA. I mean a few hundred thousand more "idjits" won't cause our friends across the ocean any problems and anyway they are used to dealing with the hate filled and dimwitted.



  1. Scots-Irish. The ijits came 400 years ago and ever since and settled in the hollers of the Appalachians. They have been fighting sin and the gummit ever since, to the dismay of civilized (English) people everywhere.

  2. …only if the Southern USA floats away, too. They could merge in the middle, to reconstitute (b)At(shitcrazy)lantis.

  3. While you are correct. we are good at dealing with stupid bigots, how many seats do you think we have in Congress? That many blithering dolts could overtax our systems.