A Catholic priest at Masaka Diocese’s Kitenga Parish has said he will not confirm children who turn up with old Bibles on the day of confirmation. Speaking during the St. Thereza Patron Day for Kitenga Primary School in Mukungwe sub-county, Rev Fr. Gerald Mugave, said children scheduled for the confirmation ceremony on October 27 must turn up with new Bibles.

“I will not confirm the children who will come with old Bibles. It’s a policy in this diocese for all children participating in the confirmation ceremony to have new Bibles,” he said.

Mugave added that those who will come with old Bibles may be considered for confirmation in February next year.

He said Church functions like baptism and confirmation must be taken seriously. “The Bible grows old and you do not bother to buy new Bibles.

This must stop, learn to respect church functions,” he said.

Flanked by the Masaka diocesan education secretary, Fr John Fisher Kiyimba, Mugave said many parents spend a lot of money buying new clothes, shoes and take their children to a salon before the confirmation but will not buy an important resource like the Bible. He said he will confiscate any old Bible he sees on the day of confirmation.

New Vision has learnt that Kitenga Catholic Church has a stock of new Bibles which will be available at sh16,000.