Last night I was snoring for England. So much so that Mrs MP went to sleep in another room. Her faithful dog, Delphi, accompanied her as she always does. That is how it should be. However, my ungrateful, disloyal cur, Quiz, also followed and spent the night with her. My late cat, Henry, would never have done that.

I don't know why people go on about dogs being so loyal because they are, in fact, loyal to two things only - their stomachs and the pack leader. In my house I am most certainly not the pack leader and so, although the dogs treat me as a member of the pack, neither of them view themselves as my dog no matter what I do to bond with the one who is supposed to be. 

Cats, on the other hand, have the willpower to ignore food if they want to (for example when sulking), food is not their master. Also, domestic cats do not live in packs (feral colonies have a completely different dynamic to a pack) and so they just don't get the idea of pack leader. A cat will seek out the person who will give it the attention it seeks when it wants it and who will treat it with the respect it believes (as all cats do) it deserves (none of that silly screaming and overreacting just because its claws are embedded lovingly in your flesh). From my experience a cat who has found its person will be far more loyal to that person than any dog would be. Okay, a cat is not going to stand between you and a psychopath intent on doing you harm. But it will sit on your lap and not budge if you are its person, no matter how far down the pecking order of life you are.

I miss my cat.



  1. My experience is that a cat can truly sense your emotions and respond accordingly. Although I have my four felines I still miss my Whitey who passed nearly ten years ago. She was one of a kind!

  2. {offering soon-to-be-disliked-by-MP response, braces accordingly}

    MP, you less need CAT, than CPAP. [Though by all means, rescue a cat also!]

    Seriously, “snoring for England” is bad for YOU—nevermind the rest of your pack—in all sorts of ways. Get it treated!