I shall definitely be voting Conservative next time there is a general election. That nice Mr Cameron has just been speaking at his party's national conference and he says that if they win again it won't matter if you live in the north or the south, or if you are male or female, or black or white, or how poor or rich your parents are, it's going to be a completely level playing field. Evidently success in life is going to based only on how much effort you put in. This is fantastic news. Financial reward is going to be based on how hard you work, the amount of energy you expend. This will mean that labourers and cleaners, farm workers, the people who sort out the rubbish down at my local recycling centre, factory workers and the like will be on million pound salaries with excellent severance packages whilst investment bankers, lawyers, bishops, judges on TV talent shows, university lecturers, managers, C.E.Os and politicians will be signing up for the tax credits and family assistance from now on. This Mr Cameron surely is a wonderful guy. To deliberately give up his fat cat salary so that those who really do all the work in England can be appropriately rewarded takes a lot of integrity. He is truly a living saint.

I just hope I haven't gone and got the wrong end of the stick.


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