Why is it that it is the people who make television programmes that get to decide when to stop making the programmes? It's silly. It's like the people who make ice cream deciding when the people who eat ice cream have had enough. It would make far more sense if I decided when the last ever episodes should happen. This small change in the system would mean that they would still be making the "Top Cat" cartoon, a geriatric Basil Fawlty would still be smacking Manuel round the ear and shouting at God, the truth would still be out there and the "Father Ted" actor, Dermot Morgan, would not have died suddenly at such a tragically young age.


I HATE CHANNEL 4 — 3 Comments

  1. Speaking of British TV: I’ve been watching (via PBS), and enjoying (mostly), S1 of “Last Tango in Halifax”. But what did you think of the ep where our Old Flames, Alan and Celia, contemplate getting “married in church”, but Celia “hopes he’s not a she” (the vicar—she is).

    I felt I was looking at bog-standard CofE-slamming (“boring” “ghastly” “how dare she [the vicar] ask us about our church participation [when we just wanted the church as a fancy theatre set]). I mean, SRSLY, English lit has been bashing the CofE, uninterrupted, for a couple of centuries now—this schtick has gotten OLD!