1. OK, go ahead. Suicide is your right.
    But don’t do this and pretend to be an adult-that’s just pathetic. Emotional manipulation is what 12 year old kids do.

    • Who’s Brad?
      Why do you bother either waiting around or trying to get a “job” in religion when you have other talents and clearly have serious financial needs? Does your “vocation” demand that you sit around typing “radically inclusive” (whatever that means-sounds like self-satisfied psychobabble) messages while depending on your wife to feed you?
      Isn’t there something in the Bible about guys who don’t provide for their families being worse than pagans?
      Don’t you see the irony of what you say?
      Naturally, you’re going to be too pathetic to publish this, which is another activity of 12 year old kids, but at least answer me this: Why don’t you at least get a job that makes you get out of the house if only to interact with other people besides your wife and give your brain something else to do besides pretending to solve the problems of other weird people and a clearly bizarre institution?
      Simple curiosity would make me get out and get a job stacking shelves, if for nothing else than to get to talk to other people, develop relationships and see what the ‘average person’ thinks about what’s supposed to be the “National Church”. Didn’t the French try a “worker priest” movement-that’s a form of “radical inclusion” that people might actually believe-you include yourself in the lives of the rest of the world. See how that works

    • You’re a troll, Brad. You could make the most sensible comment in the history of the world and people would just assume it was a wind up. So why bother? Perhaps you just can’t help it. That’s sad.