1. Remind me who this (genius) JR “Bob” Dodds is?

    Begin rant—

    So I was enjoying this truly wonderful (esp grrl-on-grrl sexy times!) Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” (women in prison: need I say more?).

    In the penultimate ep, the protagonist is being coerced into a ridic baptism by her archenemy, a crazy, power-hungry meth freak. Does our heroine go off on her archenemy? Does she go off on her MANIPULATION of religion, to her own selfish ends?


    She goes off on ALL religion. She calls it ALL a delusion, for the pathetic like the meth freak (and her sycophants).

    Here’s why I felt particularly used in this scene: among the residents of the prison (um, “inmates”) is a very sympathetic RC nun (in for anti-nuke civil disobedience). There’s a sympathetic yoga practitioner. And of course, there’s LOTS of Jesus&Mary praising blacks and Latinas.

    Precisely NONE of the above are present for the protagonists anti-religion rant—ONLY the toothless white trash. They put her screed in a situation where she would come as the intellectually bold hero, and leave her wt inferiors in stunned, defeated silence.

    Is somebody like Dawkins going to go into a black Baptist church w/ his “superior” shit? No. No he is not. NOT because he’d fear for his life (what he might whisper to other white people), but because he KNOWS he’d get his *mental* ass handed to him, by those who have LIVED the value of faith. Chicken-shit anti-theist w/ their chicken-shit values. F#ck off!

    {conclude rant}

  2. J. R. Bob Dobbs is the great prophet of the Church of the SubGenius. The only religion which offers a TRIPLE money back guarantee! If you find yourself in Hell, you’ll get three times your money back!

  3. Prof Dawkins aimed to show the cure
    To suckers who the church did lure
    But how so sure?
    (And what a bore)
    His musings? Somewhat premature.