WHO? ME? NON PC? — 4 Comments

  1. I operate under the persuasion that I should use, and not use, terms as prescribed by those to whom they would apply, or should not be applied. That’s just good manners. I suspect that on both sides of the pond, transexual and transvestite are not the same thing. I have not known a transvestite, but have friends who are transexual. I suspect that the aversion to the term “tranny” is due to the fact that it makes light of what has been a very difficult internal and external experience. Most of us get to a point in life where we don’t give a rat’s ass what people call us, or think of us, and such names become irrelevant, but I don’t get to decide when that is for others.

    • That’s the point – They don’t get to choose, as it is applied to them as a pejorative.

      On this matter, I’m avoiding the fray which I’m sure is ongoing on Facebook, and I have nothing further to add (And no time to do so, though would do an e-mail conversation.). I consider you a good e-friend, Jonathan, and hope that you will hear what I and others are attempting to convey on this matter.